Find your ideal Omega X Swatch accessory with Wristbuddys specialized rubber watch straps. Crafted for the models, our curved rubber straps offer a seamless fit and unmatched durable replacement strap for your Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch. Get your MoonSwatch bands today!


Note: This strap is not manufactured or endorsed by The Swatch Group Ltd or Omega SA. It is a third-party accessory designed for use with compatible watch models.  

- Our Rubber MoonSwatch Straps fits the Omega X Swatch BioCeramic MoonSwatch.

Size: 12cm + 9cm | 3,75" + 4,75"

Fits wrists in sizes: 13-20,5cm | 5"-8"

- Material: Our Moonswatch bands are made of TPU Rubber with anti-UV, anti-dust and anti-allergic

- Lug Width: 20mm

- Buckle Width: 18mm


Note: This moonswatch band is not manufactured or endorsed by The Swatch Group Ltd. It is a third-party accessory designed for use with compatible Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch models.

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