The year kicked off with a new launch within the collaboration between Swatch Group-owned Blancpain and Swatch. The collaboration has previously generated five models in different colours, and now it is finally time for one in black, the name is Ocean of Storms.

Blancpain has a long tradition of watchmaking and already seventy years ago their very first Fifty Fathoms was presented. The watch revolutionised the world by being the first modern diver's watch and it was designed by a passionate sport diver, Jean-Jacques Fiechter. Jacques Fiechter, who was the CEO of Blancpain at the time.

The watch instantly became very popular with elite divers and underwater divers and underwater researchers, thanks to its favourable characteristics such as water resistance, double sealing of the crown, easy-to-read dark dial with good contrast to the luminescent detailing and the unidirectional rotating bezel. After launch, the watch could be seen in popular diving films and the German and French navies started using the watch but it didn't stop there. but it didn't stop there, the US Navy Seal's elite diving unit also discovered the watch and used it.

Over the years, the Fifty Fathoms models have continued to enjoy a high status among professional underwater explorers and collectors. However, the brand has not been so well well known to the average person in the world, but the brand got a real boost after they made a to make a similar collaboration with Swatch as Omega did with Moonswatch. And now this collaboration continues with the addition of a new colour to the collection.


Black in particular is a very smart and wise choice for them to make, because the previous models have a more playful colour scheme. a more playful colour scheme that is not so easy to wear for everyone, especially if you have a more sophisticated style. So there has been a lack of a more stylish version, which is why Ocean of Storms fits in very well as a hit.


The black colour is inspired by the black moon and, in the same spirit as the other five models, the models, the case is in Bioceramic. It is a material patented by Swatch and consists of two-thirds ceramic and one-third biosourced material derived from castor oil.


The watch has an automatic movement, SISTEM51, which is also found in their previous Blancpain X Swatch. which was developed by Swatch back in 2013 and consists of only 51 parts. Also positive is that it has an anti-magnetic property thanks to its NivachronTM balance spring. Fascinatingly. is that this mechanical movement is entirely assembled using automated assembly, no watchmaker assembling by hand, all in the name of efficiency and cost reduction.
The power reserve is 90 hours and the back is also open where you can see the parts of the movement which are parts that are laser-decorated and each model has its own signature on the back and the new one has an image of a neck snail called Okenia Luna.


The fact that the watch is water-resistant to 91 metres is not a coincidence, it is more than just a figure. a tribute to the name of the watch, Fifty Fathoms, where Fathoms historically means the the nautical measure of a depth and fifty fathoms is the equivalent of 91 metres.


The watch comes with a black nato strap with white stripes that contains recycled material from fishing nets and the pin buckle and pre-made holes are also made of black bioceramic like the the case is made of. If you want a more stylish and comfortable bracelet in a more uniform colour, Wristbuddys has a uniform colour, Wristbuddys has rubber straps just for Blancpain X Swatch in seven different colours. For example, the overall look of the watch can be enhanced with an all-black strap, or why not spice up your summer look with a bracelet in orange. Changing a bracelet for a certain outfit can do a lot for the overall look and with a black watch that is so stylish in which is basically so stylish, it becomes wonderfully sporty and elegant with a different colour strap. The buckle is 304L stainless steel and the width of the rubber strap is 22 mm which moulds itself well and comfortably to the wrist.

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The Blancpain X Swatch Ocean of storms will be launched worldwide from 11 January, the day of the of the new moon, at selected Swatch stores. And precisely as with the five previous models in the Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms Collection, they are not limited in number but are limited to one watch per person, per store and per day.


Reference number: SO35B400
Case material: Black Bioceramic
Diameter: 42.3 mm
Thickness: 14.4 mm
Dial: Black with sunburst finish, date at 4 & 5 o'clock. Superluminova on the hands, index and dive scale.
Water resistance: 91 m
Strap: NATO
Movement: Mechanical movement SISTEM51
Power reserve: 90 hours
Winding: Automatic
Price: $400 

Mia Litström


Went to the store, and had it in hand, the bezel is just so plastic and the case is so thick. Moonswatch is so much nicer imo no comparison especially for the $400 price tag

— Jackson